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Retirement planning is one of the main financial challenges people face during their working lives. Whether you are an Employer seeking to provide benefits for your Employees or planning your own retirement, CPAS has the right solution for you. CPAS is a professional Pensions Administration company providing administration services to Pension Scheme Trustees. CPAS currently administers a number of pension schemes that were developed specifically to meet the needs of Employers in the Construction and related industries. CPAS has extended the range of services offered through its affiliated firm, Milestone Advisory DAC, who provide impartial and comprehensive personal financial advice and solutions to individuals in these industries.

About CPAS 

CIF Pension Administration Services DAC trading as CPAS, was established in 2006 to provide a professional pension administration service to the Construction and Related Industries. CPAS is registered with the Pensions Authority and is governed by a Board of Directors. CPAS is a not for profit organisation.  For more information about our services please click here





Our Clients 

Our clients include the Construction Workers' Pension Scheme (CWPS), Construction Workers' Sick Pay Trust, Construction Executive Retirement Savings (CERS), and Construction Industry Retirement Trust Scheme (CIRT) group of Schemes.





For Employers & Employees in the construction and related industry sector.

Master Trust arrangement providing bespoke pension and protection benefits for Employers and employees in the Construction and related industries.



Providing Pension and Protection benefits for employees in the Construction and related industries.

The Construction Workers Pension Scheme is a multi-employer, industry-wide, occupational pension scheme which offers members valuable Pension, Death in Service and Sick Pay benefits throughout their working lives.




For self - employed persons and employees in non-pensionable employment within the construction and related industries.

CIRT is a competitive pension investment scheme for self-employed persons and for employees in non – pensionable employment in the Construction and related industries.



Milestone Advisory provides comprehensive personal financial solutions for individuals in the Construction and related industries.


“CPAS are a pension administration company offering a professional service at a competitive price. They have provided the Construction Workers Pension Scheme, over the last 8 years, with the highest standard of service and a tailored structure to ensure the scheme continues to provide the best outcome for our members. As a service provider CPAS are excellent to deal with, providing detailed and comprehensive information to the Trustee and the members in an accurate and timely manner. CPAS’s commitment to the procedures that have assured the continuing renewal of their ISO 9001 certification gives added assurance to the Trustee of the level of compliance and governance which they operate.”
Andy O’Gorman Chairman Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme Trustee DAC
“As part of a restructuring programme by the Construction Federation Executive Pension Scheme now rebranded as CERS (Construction Executive Retirement Savings), the objective of which was to modernise the facilities available to our members, the management and administration of the Scheme was transferred to CPAS in 2010. The scheme is administered by CPAS in timely, efficient and professional way and the staff offer a friendly and accurate service in reply to all queries from the members of CERS. CPAS were instrumental in the rebrand of CERS in 2012. CERS now provides members with a wider choice of investment options, an informative website, and offers them online access to keep up to date with the value of their retirement savings. With the help of the CPAS Team, CERS won the Award for Best Communication Strategy at the Irish Pension Awards in November 2013. CPAS administers a Master Trust arrangement which enables a significant number of individual employers operate, within the parameters of the CERS scheme, in which pension, protection and savings products are tailored to meet their needs for their staff while at the same time having all of the Trustee Obligations overseen by the CERS Trustee Board and managed by CPAS personnel. This wide ranging function is carried out by CPAS in a thoroughly competent manner. In conjunction with CPAS, CERS are now able to offer access to comprehensive post retirement planning, protection, savings and investment solutions through Milestone Advisory. In this way CERS can offer continuity of service to members throughout both their working lives and their retirement years”
Donal O'Brien Chairman Construction Executive Retirement Trustee DAC