In a transformative move, CPAS has revealed its fresh, dynamic look, marking the beginning of a new era in serving the construction pension sector. Susan O’Mara, manager of Business Development Unit at CPAS explains that this rebrand goes beyond a new logo and updated colours; it’s a strategic step towards future growth and adaptability in a rapidly changing business landscape.

New look

The unveiling of the new brand reflects CPAS’s commitment to evolution and staying ahead of industry trends. The construction sector is dynamic, and as a key player, CPAS recognizes the importance of aligning its brand with the evolving needs of its market and audience.

“Our heritage is strong, and the future is even brighter,” says Susan. The rebranding initiative is a testament to CPAS’s ability to navigate change successfully, showcasing its dedication to trustees, members, clients, and employees. It’s not merely about keeping up with trends; CPAS aims to set the trend in the construction pension sector.

Embracing Change

The construction professional, at the heart of CPAS’s audience, is encouraged to see this rebranding as a reminder of the value in staying current and being adaptable. In an industry where staying ahead is paramount, CPAS sets an example by embracing change and continuously committing to excellence.

The rebrand prompts construction professionals to consider their own brand’s position and the role of brand evolution in their business strategy. It emphasizes the idea that, like CPAS, businesses need to evolve to meet the expectations of a changing market and ensure long-term success.

Join us!

CPAS invites the construction community to embark on this exciting journey with them, where innovation, adaptability, and excellence are at the forefront. The rebrand isn’t just a visual change; it’s a symbol of CPAS’s ongoing commitment to providing top-notch services to its members and being a leader in the construction pension sector. As CPAS steps into this new chapter, they invite everyone in the industry to reflect on their brand’s journey and consider how evolution can contribute to their own success.

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