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Celebrating and Supporting Construction

  Last Saturday, CERS was delighted to support “Construction’s Big Night Out” at the Irish Construction Excellence Awards night in the Convention Center in Dublin. Hosted by Irish Building Magazine, this was the first in-person (celebration) event for many of us in the sector. A big congratulations to Jacobs Engineering and their client, Edwards Lifesciences, […]

Mind the (Gender) Pension Gap : Construction Magazine

In the latest edition of Construction Magazine, celebrating International Women’s Day, CPAS looks at some of the challenges faced by women when it comes to pensions. This month, the CIF hosted an in-person event celebrating International Women’s Day. As one of the speakers commented, it is not just about one single day in the calendar […]

Putting Tax and Pensions on your List

Pensions and taxes are on the bottom of the average persons ‘life admin’ list. We don’t know that for a fact, but ask anyone and they will confirm that other than Budget 2022 announcements, most of us avoid the two topics. However, what if there was a benefit to discussing pensions and taxes once a […]

Budget 2022 and the State Pension

Budget 2022 contained few surprises. There was a lot of talk in the run up to the 12th of October and the Government gave clear signals in advance. The Government is confident that there is something for everyone in the audience, with many pundits likening it to the Late Late Show giveaway. It has now […]

Pensions: Expectation Vs Reality

The last 18 months has taught us a lot. We realised the importance of hand hygiene, the incredible work our medical professionals do on a daily basis and the joy in simple things like a pint in a beer garden or embracing a loved one. This pandemic has been painful and heartbreaking in parts but […]

Retirement: When work becomes optional

In the first edition of Irish Building Magazine, we look at the year ahead and what it might hold. This time last year, we wrote about a new decade with the start of 2020 and looked forward to what the next decade might hold. Who knew back then how drastically life would change for us? […]

January: A Time to Reflect and Review

In the latest edition of the Irish Building Magazine, we outlined our belief that retirement is not the end of something, but a point in your life when work becomes optional and you look forward to a future of possibilities. You can read the full article here. 105 Years Old January is the month when […]